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July 7, 2016·by Anna Tognetto·in News

The summer is taking time to arrive, but the days are long and it is a pity not to take advantage of even a few hours of good weather in our verandas, terraces or gardens. So we want to show you a selection of outdoor products who don’t fear the rain, the wind or the summer sun we are waiting for: they are the Outdoor Gervasoni furniture!

The Inout collections, Brick, Sweet or Ghost have many products such as chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, chaise-longue, poufs and tables that furnish with elegant style in exotic key your outdoor environmentsGervasoni is an italian design company who loves the outdoors and the landscapes with wide horizons. It recalls indeed an exotic flavor… almost ethnic, mixing fabrics, colors and materials moving from cork to pottery, from stone to aluminum. The fabrics are of the highest quality, durable because it meant to be subjected to sunlight or water. The refinement in the forms and the large range of products offered by Gervasoni is thinked for location like the holiday homes at the seaside or in the countryside but also in urban places in the city gardens or terraces of large buildings.

The important thing is the idea with which you choose the Gervasoni outdoor furniture: a curious personality, almost nomad who want to enjoy moments of pleasure through a relaxed luxury that face traveling the fantasy indulging the spirit.

Look at the gallery and choose which style suits you. We are waiting for you into the store to tell the essence of the Gervasoni Outdoor products: hurray summer!

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