Moroso in a selection of colored and iconic armchairs

June 8, 2016·by Anna Tognetto·in News

In our shop in Via 4 Novembre we selected the iconic chairs of Moroso design, colorful, with rich fabrics and unique shapes. Discover with us “The beauty of design” by Moroso, the Italian company that since 1952 is a teacher in the soft furniture and high range design chairs.

  1. Bloomy by Patricia Urquiola – the armchair that we have chosen in the red version is the representation of the germination of a flower, its shape before it unfolds. The product designed by Patricia Urquiola represents the phases of a project intended as the beginning of the development of an idea. The Bloomy chair is thus one of the spring momentum that envelops whoever sits within the life cycle of a flower.
  2. Antibodi by Patricia Urquiola – With this armchair we are in full bloom, a floral explosion hand-stitched in a three-dimensional geometry with a graphic structure on a triangular base. In the shop we have chosen the very contrasted version in quilted black and white with facing downwards petals. The Antibodi chair is a real tribute to fertility and femininity.
  3. Fjord by Patricia Urquiola – The name of this chair embodies its meaning. Patricia Urquiola dedicated Fjord to Arne Jacobsen and the Scandinavian sea. The shape of the seat is a piece of shell polished by the sea water, the streched cut in the back is a metaphor of the creeks of the northern coast. Designed for the home or for public spaces, this armchair has lines that gently support, fragmented by accurate stitching in harmony with the simplicity of its structure.
  4. Fjord pouf by Patricia Urquiola – The pouf is part of the Fjord collection designed by Patricia Urquiola and dedicated to the Scandinavian sea landscape. The shape is that of a rocky boulder polished by the waves, enhanced by contrasting colors and precoius fabrics.
  5. Saruyama by Toshiyuki Kita – The armchair is part of the Saruyama Islands collection and is part of an archipelago of colorful and independent islands that the designer wants to match with his project of 1989 Saruyama, ie a sofa composed of three geomorfa form modules, different from each other forming a large island of circular form.
  6. Soft Big Heavy by Ron Arad –  An armchair with voluminous shapes, full and soft that convey comfort and ergonomics at first glance. It is part of a collection designed by Ron Arad that shows how the volume as simple form, can be translated, without compromising the design principles, through a reinterpretation of materials and production processes to an industrial production.
  7. Victoria and Albert by Ron Arad – The design of this chair was ironically born from the drawing of a donut that was later modified, crushed, reshaped with the sole purpose to draw curves and soft lines in continuity, drawn without lifting the pen from the paper. Hence the product of Ron Arad born, from sensitive but strong lines, a strict correspondence between the surface and form.

The Moroso armchairs proposals in the store trying to reach out to the more careful and sophisticated tastes in the design of forms, fabrics and meanings that each product embodies. They are the result of huge design and artistic research and technical engineering. Come to discover in our shop the tailoring and at the same time the true Italian industrial design of the Moroso armchairs.

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