A mini colorful and contemporary apartment

We made a furniture project in a mini-apartment of 56 square meters. A young, fresh and colorful space with our contemporary Italian design products.

The kitchen is a 36e8 Lago composition. Suspended, with laminated top and fronts in glossy glass in yellow, straw and coconut color. It ‘a lightweight furniture, which thanks to its glass finish reflects light and illuminates the environment a little lacking in natural light.

For the living room we chose the extreme comfort of Nebula Nine sofa by Diesel in collaboration with MorosoSoft as a cloud, generous shapes, it’s a place where you can sit or lie down on large cushions covered in linen. The same pillows define the sofa, making it an ideal space for relaxing and socializing. The TV storage is a Horm cupboard with much storage space, a furniture to the ground in order to take advantage of the seating area and store as many items as possible.

Moving in the bedroom we find a bed of the Gervasoni Ghost collection with removable cover in white cotton. As bedside tables we opted for two products of different styles: a more formal and rangy by Poliform and one is the famous Kartell gnome. The wall wardrobe is a N.O.W. by Lago with colored leaves in purple, coconut, straw, sage and twine. The doors are push-pull and the color bands have many measures in width. Combined with the lilac of the Lago N.O.W. wardrobe there is the Lago Morgana weekly drawers with polished glass fronts. The drawer unit is on four wheels to be easily moved and the drawers rotate around a central pin and thus can be arranged in different positions to give to the product the major  movement and facets. Lema library has been inserted in a small niche in the wall to look like framed. The chosen color is white, so the books and objects that fill can customize it with always new colors.

Finally, for the bathroom has been chosen the outstanding Lago 36e8 basin in polished glass colored sage. The glass allows to create wide and elegant washbasins with homogeneous surface without solution of continuity. The suspension of the product allows to gain space for any baskets of laundry or other bathroom objects, in addition to making small spaces more spacious and lightweight.

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A mini colorful and contemporary apartment




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