à la Page library – a family space

In the center of Aosta we have designed and built a domestic-looking library, which invites you to stay and relax, read a book and drink coffee in the living room as a cozy home. This is not a “mega store” library, but a place with warm tones and a relaxed and soft atmosphere.

The rooms are designed not only to find the book you want to buy, but invites to search, browse, refresh themselves with a coffee and a slice of homemade cake, enjoying the family atmosphere of the library.

In the rooms we were included counters-tables coupled to the Charles Ghost stools by Kartell. At the center of one of the rooms we created a real living room with comfortable upholstered Ghost armchairs by Gervasoni.

It couldn’t certainly miss a corner bar with a small kitchen where prepare drinks and offering local culinary specialties.

We have carefully thought even of lightning of spaces, choosing the hanging and table lamps Costanza by Luceplan, usually used for home environments, perfectly in harmony with the message we want to transmit with the entire furnishing project.

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à la Page library – a family space




à la Page Library

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