A beauty salon from natural and bright design

In the city center we realized the interior of a beauty salon. The result is a space with soft and velvety colors for a 360 degrees relaxing experience.

The storages with doors and internal shelves are in neutral colored laminated wood. Their appearance is natural and functional. On the top you can lay and expose the beauty products or informative material; inside the cupboard you can store products and professional equipment with the result that everything is in order and within reach. Also on the top of the storage it was placed a small basin in polished steel, because the customer wanted a minimal amount of space and it would accord aesthetically of the whole atmosphere.

For the reception has been realized a wood laminated counter. It is smooth in front, on which to place brochures or samples of products and open with shelves in the back, in order to store the professional equipment.

A beauty salon from natural and bright design




Naturalmente Estetica

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completed : 20 March 2018

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