EuroCucina 2016, our point of view

April 15, 2016·by Anna Tognetto·in News

In this 2016 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan we saw as the protagonist the beating heart of the house: the kitchen at EuroCucina 2016.

Among the most prestigious Italian design brands in the industry to the winning partnerships that for years successfully innovate the aesthetics and functionality of what is the place where we spend most of our time.

We could see the technology news and new materials, finishes and aesthetic combinations. We noticed a large use of a new material called Fenix for the finishing of doors and top of the kitchens, it is a special processing of the surfaces treated with resins, highly opaque, anti-fingerprint, pleasant and velvety to the touch. Very present also the steel, has always been used in the kitchens of restaurants and activities in the food and wine world, even proposed as a unique coating material for doors, tops and columns handouts. Staying on the latter, there are many brands that have proposed sliding and retractable doors for the kitchen area dedicated to the larder and the ovens.

Great return of glossy lacquered wood finish for the doors of the tops and marble top of each type, thickness and color. Invisible handles were predominant to maintain the aesthetic linearity of the doors, but we also noticed doors with handles with particular details in industrial version. In conjunction with the tops and the columns were proposed in a clear manner sideboards and columns with glass doors of considerable size, especially in height, reaching up to the ceiling.

In the technological side, we have observed how much the component of the research and development of the kitchen has been devoted to technical but mainly for aesthetic innovation for integrate perfectly the appliances with the rest of the environment. New models of induction cooktops, the most spectacular installed under the marble top that becomes one big cooktop but with an invisible burner. The hoods reach the extremes in size, we have seen enormous hoods become leaders of the kitchens and minimal hoods appear from the top of the kitchen with a simple click.

At EuroCucina 2016, all of these steps forward, these investments in research and development in the field make us focus on what the kitchen environment is the real star of the house, the place where you feel good, comfortable and with all the necessary features that allow us to fully enjoy one of the pleasures that make us number one in the world: food, eat well and share everyday moments with the people we love. The kitchen for our well-being.

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